Standard Edition
  • Basic
  • Ticketing
  • Multi user
  • Miscellaneous services(Visa, Insurance, Hotel, Rail, Car)
Professional Edition
  • Standard+ IATA
  • Tour Module
  • GDS capture module
  • GST EInvoice module
  • GST API module
  • Branch module
Enterprise Edition
  • Professional + Web portal API
  • SMS module
  • Cost center module
  • Visa module
  • Cargo Module
  • Forex module( India Region)
  • Customer self support module
  • DMS module
  • Whatsapp module
  • Feedback module
  • BTA CTA module
  • Multi currency module
  • Hotel master module
  • Client Vendor LCC reconciliation module
  • LCC Itinerary capture module.

Delivery Method

FinBook financial software solution, offers a flexible delivery method by utilizing both software as service(SAAS) and Managed Hosting. With a SAAS model users can access the platform via the internet, eliminating the need for complex On- Premises installation. This approach ensures easy accessibility, scalability and automatic updates, reducing the burden on IT departments. FinBook is available across multi-zone and offers an uptime of 99.99%

  • SAAS model
  • Managed Hosting Service

Add Ons

Content:Add on like Business Integration tools, a CO2 emission calculator,Cloud Telephony platform and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module can greatly enhance the functionality and value of a software or platform.

  • CRM module
  • Business Intelligence tool
  • CO2 emission calculator
  • Cloud telephony platform