Travel & Tourism

Customized for Travel & Tourism

Embark on a tailored journey for your travel and tourism business with FinBook, where our platform is meticulously customized to meet the unique demands of the industry. With features like the “Flown Revenue Report,” gain a comprehensive overview of revenue generated from completed travel services. Unlock deeper insights into your business with the “GDS Revenue Report,” providing a detailed analysis of revenue generated through Global Distribution Systems. Navigate financial intricacies effortlessly with our “BSP Auto Reco” feature, automating the reconciliation process for Billing and Settlement Plan transactions. Your travel business deserves a solution designed specifically for its needs — FinBook delivers precision, efficiency, and a seamless financial experience.

Our cloud, API, and AI-enabled travel accounting software are specifically designed to meet the intricate needs of the travel and tourism industry. From intelligent expense management to dynamic forecasting, we’ve got you covered.